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The Perfect Theme For a Perfect Wedding

One of the easiest ways to make a wedding memorable is to have a theme. Themes can be humorous, cultural, seasonal, venue-inspired or downright crazy but one thing they do is make your wedding unique and unforgettable. This is because although themes may be alike, each person’s interpretation of the theme is different.

Wedding themes are chosen for the main reasons of accessibility of resources and materials. Accessibility of resources literally means the cost of implementing the said theme – how expensive it will be to bring to life the theme of a carnival at your wedding, for instance. Accessibility of materials means the availability of the necessary decorating materials to create your theme wedding. Bringing in snow, for example, when you marry in summer may be a lot less appealing when you consider the extreme difficulty of creating the snow.

Here are a few examples of wedding themes:

- Seasonal themes – This is based on the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. If an autumn wedding is chosen then decor such as maple leaves are used as well as honey and golden colors are used for other decors. Spring wedding would warrant lots of flowers. Sunset wedding also falls into this category as the wedding will be held during sunset especially the exchange of vows.

- Venue-inspired themes. This is the kind of wedding the uses the venue as the theme. Such themes are the beach wedding, castle wedding and garden wedding.

- Cultural themes. It is interesting to see the different culture and through cultural theme wedding, guests are invited to experience them. Some popular cultural theme weddings are Indian summer wedding, Scottish wedding or Eastern wedding. Cultural wedding is usually adopted when it is a cross-cultural wedding.

- Humorous themes – This is the theme that will bring out fun and humor for the wedding. It could be anything from fancy dress such as the Retro theme, The Seventies, Halloween, Medieval Times and The Wild West.

- Color themes. Color themed wedding can be interesting as it is up to one’s creativity to use the chose color or colors. Themes like Goth or psychedelic are derived from color theme wedding.

- Extreme weddings. For the very adventurous are extreme wedding themes. These include the likes of underwater weddings, bungee-jumping points or mid-air weddings. More often than not, the couples who opts for extreme weddings are the outdoor type and would settle for anything ordinary.

A successful implementation of a theme lies solely on your hard work and creativity. When you are willing to put in that extra effort, you will see paid off in a form of contentment. For instance, you don’t need to paint the whole venue blue if the color blue is your theme; instead, you can use disposable wall paper or blue ribbons and bows and even flowers to grace the walls. If you need to do some major modifications to the venue, be sure you have the approval of the owner.

To be able to carry out the theme without faultless requires a great deal of work. That is why it is best to choose one close to your heart or your spouse’s. The themes chosen would usually revolved around hobbies or favorite pass time. For instance, a couple who loves football can choose this as their wedding theme. That way both can plan and think of creative ways to portray their love to each other through football.

Another popular theme wedding is one that is based on your careers. If both you and your spouse are in the financial sector, using a Money theme can be suitable while a Lounge theme is appropriate for couples who are in the media or entertainment industries. Otherwise, go totally different and have a theme wedding that has absolutely nothing to do with your careers.

If it is too difficult to merge two different careers, then pick a common interest – a love for cars, for instance, or a compulsion to travel.

When you choose a theme, remember, a great one is the one that is meaningful to both of you. It is one of the biggest day in your life so strive to make is a memorable one.

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Wedding Themes For Every Couple!

When it comes to wedding themes, the sky is the limit!

Brides-to-be can choose just the right theme to fit their personalities to a tee. From sports to flowers to fantasy and beyond, brides have countless options when it comes to picking the perfect theme for the biggest day of their lives!

That being said, brides often struggle with finding their perfect theme – especially if they and their soon to be husbands have different passions in life. For example, she loves flowers and he loves the Yankees. While those may seem to be at completely opposite ends of the spectrum, with a little creativity and a lot of flexibility those themes can be married into one cohesive (and impressive!) theme for guests to talk about for years.

Seasons often lend significantly to the theme of a wedding. Spring weddings are delightfully flower filled, fall weddings are fabulous with priceless foliage, and winter weddings are wonderful often with snow on the ground and holidays in full swing. Cultural weddings are making a big splash in recent years, with couples marrying their cultural identities into one huge celebration. The couple’s favorite ethnic foods are served side by side. Customs are lavishly performed throughout the day providing an event to remember for all guests present.

Other wedding themes that have been gaining popularity are fairytale weddings (think Cinderella’s Castle) and ancient time weddings (think Medieval Times – literally, they’re performed within the medieval castles!). To the dismay of many brides, sport theme weddings are slowly gaining popularity as well – while the team logo may not be plastered everywhere, the colors and d├ęcor make it obvious who the couple is rooting for!

Brides need to take create a vision for their big day and make their visions come to life. Themes are often scary for brides, because too much can make the wedding tacky, where as too little can make the wedding bland – finding that perfect balance takes a lot of time and a little bit of creativity, but the result is priceless!

Some wedding theme ideas (to give you a nice head start) are listed below:

* Destination wedding theme – have you thought about being married far away from where you live? Maybe an island wedding theme or an Asian theme wedding may be appropriate. You may want to have an Hawaiian theme wedding, or beach theme wedding, with the difference being the wedding is in your backyard…

* A different time – some couples just love the idea of using a different era to plan their wedding… Think western wedding theme, Victorian wedding theme, 1920s wedding theme, Mexican theme wedding…

* A seasonal wedding – you can use the seasons to help you plan the perfect wedding. A winter theme wedding, a fall theme wedding, or a tropical theme wedding. Choosing this type of themed wedding will help you find the perfect in season flowers, will help you decide on the location (ie garden theme wedding, or a church wedding, will it be an outdoor wedding theme?).

* A romantic wedding theme – some couples just can’t wait to get into ‘theme’ and sweep each other away. Think Cinderella theme wedding, a fairy tale theme wedding, butterfly theme wedding.

* A cultural wedding – Irish theme wedding, Chinese theme wedding, French theme wedding… Imagine getting married to a groom in his kilt?

* A sports theme wedding – yes, it’s true! Some couples just love their footy team and couldn’t think of a better theme for their nuptials. Imagine skydiving or scuba diving your way to wedlock.

* A favourite food or drink – a wine theme wedding may just lead you to being married in a gorgeous winery with your favourite wine as your toast.

* Your favourite colour – what about using your favourite wedding color to set the scene? Dresses, bows, table clothes, flowers, cars, confetti… The list goes on.

* Do you want to elope? How about a Las Vegas theme wedding, with Elvis as your celebrant?

Setting the Stage with your Wedding Location Choice

In the world of business there is an old adage saying that location is everything. That may be true, but your wedding is not all about business. It’s about making a memory and celebrating the lifelong commitment of two people to one another. So unless you are one who has to go wherever people go in your area to be seen, consider these five factors as you choose your wedding location.

First a note to those who do feel a need to have their wedding celebration at the hottest wedding location in town: Plan ahead. Wedding locations like those fill up early, and I mean really early. In my corner of the country I’m told that the top wedding locations fill their prime wedding dates upwards of eighteen months ahead! And unless your family has a lot of money, you might want to start saving your pennies now. Those most prestigious wedding locations are not cheap, commanding a price that is in direct relation to their level of prestige.

For the rest of us choosing a wedding location might seem simple, and it is, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t important considerations to be weighed prior to putting deposit money on the line:

First, talk with your spouse to be.

That’s right, the first thing you need to do when choosing a wedding location is to talk to your future spouse.

“Why? He doesn’t care about that stuff! As a matter of fact he’s practiced in his disinterest, so why should I bother?”



Exactly. In my experience boys have been told all of their lives that the wedding celebration is for the bride, that he doesn’t get a say. As a result guys tend to take a practiced disinterest in wedding preparations. It makes having no say in the event easier to deal with. The problem is that this is a day that you want to be able to look back on as a couple with fond memories. To do that you need to talk to him and convince him that you really do care about designing a wedding that fits both of you and that starts with the wedding location. It might take some time for you to convince him that you are serious and not just being polite, but it could go a long way toward opening up the communication lines between the two of you and that is worth it’s weight in gold even if it doesn’t end up affecting your wedding plans.

Second, consider the needs of the support people who will be doing the work that goes into creating your special day. That includes Aunt Gladys who volunteered to decorate the reception hall. Make sure you arrange to gain access to the reception hall with plenty of time for her complete her decorations without killing Uncle George in the process.

Likewise, consider the needs of the professionals who provide your photography, set up the cake, or flowers. Each business has its own realities that make it difficult, if not impossible to provide you the service that you’re paying for if the schedule that you arrange with the managers of the wedding location doesn’t allow enough time.

A good practice is to make a quick survey of wedding professionals that you are considering using about the time constraints they anticipate around your particular wedding date before you book your wedding location. Most professionals will appreciate the effort and be more likely to do what they can to accommodate your constraints when you get to their stage in your wedding planning.

Thirdly, consider the type of wedding location that best reflects the wedding celebration you and your spouse want. For people who are active members of a local community of faith this might be as simple as a trip down to your place of worship. For outdoor enthusiasts, a park or ranch might be a more appropriate wedding location. For those that want to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning, a hotel ballroom might be appropriate for the reception, if not for the wedding location itself.

For more wedding location options try contacting your local tourism board. They can provide you with a list of wedding locations and reception facilities in your area. Likewise an internet search might provide some ideas for wedding locations that you hadn’t thought of or weren’t aware of, as would a local wedding coordinator.

Fourth, consider the calendar when booking the wedding location. This sounds obvious, but it has deeper implications than merely finding a date that works for everyone in the party. The calendar dictates what kind of flowers will grace your wedding celebration (unless you are rich enough to import flowers from the other side of the globe), but it can also save you or cost you a lot of money. If you plan a wedding in a church or other public building during the Christmas season, for example, you might not have to worry about decorating. Just remember that this can backfire on you too because you won’t be in control of the decorations.

Obviously, there are times of the year when weddings are common and during those times you can expect to pay a premium for all of the services. This includes everything from the wedding location itself to the flowers, cake, food, and photography. But more than that, did you know that you can save a significant amount of money by scheduling your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday? You can, and the reason is simply because those are not the times that people traditionally demand so it is entirely possible that you will be able to get a better price on everything if you schedule your wedding celebration on a day and time other than Saturday afternoon.

Another aspect of the calendar to consider is major events in your town. If you book your wedding on the same weekend that the national square dancing association is having their convention in your city (or rodeo weekend, or, or…) you might find it difficult, if not impossible to get hotel rooms for any guests traveling in from out of town.

Finally, consider the restrictions that each wedding location places on your wedding celebration either intentionally or by default. A park, for example, could be a great wedding location but it might not provide enough power to allow a band or DJ to set up. Churches, likewise, might have restrictions on what kind of music you can play (to be fair, we have to recognize that many businesses are placing restrictions on the playing of religious music as well), your dress, or whether or not you can have a dance as a part of the celebration. Furthermore, many hotels require that you use their staff and catering services as a part of the agreement (this is convenient but you can often do better both in quality and price by going with an outside vendor).

Bottom line; consider the details of whatever wedding location you settle on. It is most likely that it will shape the rest of your day in some way. Be sure that the effect it has on your wedding celebration fits with the wedding memories that you are trying to build.

Fall Wedding Theme

The fall wedding theme provides a vivid and thoughtful experience for all those attending the wedding ceremony and reception. Fall is a time when deciduous leaves decide to change colour and drop them, providing a rich and colorful backdrop theme in which to celebrate your wedding day.

A little planning and creativity will go a long way in creating your own stunning fall wedding idea comes to fruition. Your fall wedding theme planning will start from deciding what colour palette you will be working with for your wedding attire which will also determine the color for the wedding decorations. As part of the wedding theme thought process you can also tie in the food, the entertainment, favors and the location of your wedding ceremony and reception as part of the fall wedding theme.

The wedding experience all starts from the wedding invitation that the guest receives from the couple being wedded. To welcome them into your wedding theme – think about typesetting the wedding invitation in your fall wedding theme. Invite them to become a part of your fall theme and to attend your wedding in a fall themed dress.

Fall Wedding Theme Color

What do you think first of when images of fall fills your mind? Feelings and past memories that you evoke through this process could be and should be a part of your fall wedding theme. The images of harvest and preparation for the coming winter – the memorable changing color of the leaves along a Maine highway or Washington state – or any other location you’ve got deciduous trees on hand.

Your colour palette for your wedding would work around the color generated by the changing color of leaves as the tree loses its leaves. The wedding theme colour would consist of rich golden to yellows, brilliant reds, browns, burgundy and eggplant. Other colour you may like to consider are other shades of red, oranges, rust pastels, wine, navy and mustard yellows – all the different shades of colour of Fall. There are so many different colors to choose from – the difficult part is in finding the palette you love and limiting your choices.

Fall Wedding Locations

You’ve chosen to hold your wedding during the fall season and have decided to take on the wedding theme to play out the theme of the season. You plan to decorate and to work fall color around your wedding.

Another way to accentuate your theme is to introduce a location that promotes your theme or provides a blank working space with which you can work to decorate around.

Sure you can hold it in a church and decorate your theme color around that but have you considered other options? How about a wedding in the great outdoors where all the smells and color are all there for you and your guests to experience? You could hold it in the back of your home, at an arboretum (a greenhouse), your local gardens/parklands, vineyard, golf course or at a farm.

Decorating your Fall Wedding

So you have the color you want to work around with in your fall theme wedding – the next step is to plan out how you can incorporate this into your theme. Remember to think big – and that even the smallest ideas could have the biggest effect in the impact of the theme. Keeping it simple is also best.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started on your way to planning out how you will decorate your wedding according to your theme. At your ceremony the most simple but effective decoration could be your pew or seat bows which could be made of ribbons in the color you’ve chosen from your themed palette.

Your flower arrangements, in decorations around your wedding ceremony or reception and your bouquet would also reflect the color of your theme. Your wedding dress and the attire of your guests, groomsmen and maids would also reflect the color of fall. You may also consider decorating the wall with grapevine wreaths to celebrate your theme. Candles and candleholders would also be a nice addition. And at the reception at your fall themed wedding you may want to decorate each table with a centerpiece celebrating your theme. With this centerpiece you may want to fill a bowl or glass with a combination of color that screams fall such as dried fruit and nut offerings mixed with herbs and dried leaves or dried bouquets that evoke the feeling of the season.

With a well planned wedding theme your fall wedding will be a memorable event that would remain the talk of the town for some time.